The Sun 3D: Evolution
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Version: 1.1   Size: 8.0M
Updated: 18.12.2016   Android: 4.4+

It is an evolution of the Sun 3D live wallpaper! The best implementation of the stars you ever seen! New special effects such as prominences, spicules, star wind and vertex displacement of the Sun mesh. Shader of the star's surface was redesigned and now it looks like boiling lava. This live wallpaper represents all well-known stars: Aldebaran (orange giant star), Antares (dying red supergiant star), Bellatrix (blue-white giant star), Betelgeuse (red supergiant star), Deneb (blue-white supergiant star), Spica (blue giant star), Calvera (neutron star) and our star called The Sun (yellow dwarf star). Find your favourite star and let it spread the light on your device!

- Vertex displacement of star mesh makes a star more impressive
- Prominences
- Spicules (boiling surface of the star looks very realistic)
- Star wind effect
- All types of known stars with its own behaviour and environment
- All stars were created on the basis of known scientific facts