Supermassive Black Hole
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Version: 1.2   Size: 6.3M
Updated: 25.01.2017   Android: 4.2+

Do you know what happens when a tremendous star dies? It becomes a black hole. During the life the black hole increases its mass and becomes a supermassive black hole (Gargantua) which absorbs everything around itself. Even the light cannot escape this horrible fate. That is why, this mysterious object is called Black Hole. This 3D live wallpaper will tell you about that phenomenon. This app represents all kind of black holes, so you can create your own one with accretion disk, halo & jet!

- Gravitational lensing effect
- Light refraction effect
- Absorption effect
- 3D parallax effect using accelerometer or gyroscope.
- 4 different cameras (Free camera, Orbital camera, Fixed camera, Script camera)
- Wide range of colors for the accretion disk, halo & jet
- Different space environment