Sunrise And Sunset At Sea
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Version: 1.0   Size: 4.55M
Updated: 24.05.2017   Android: 4.4.2+

This 3D live wallpaper and Daydream will show you the beautiful sunrise and sunset at sea (ocean) in real time. Dynamic change of day and night depends on the time on your device and your location. If you would not like to wait for morning or evening to behold the awesome view, you can activate a mode of the accelerated time which will allow you to see all 24 hours during a short period of time or set custom time. This app represents all phases of the moon such as waxing gibbous, waning crescent, etc. So, you can choose any phase of the Earth satellite or let the program to set current phase of the moon automatically which depends on the date. Furthermore, you can specify density, transparency, direction and speed of the clouds. And also adjust the parameters of waves, such as width and height.

- Accelerated time mode
- Atmospheric scattering effect
- Dynamic change of day & night (corresponds to the time set on the device & the current location)
- Reflections on the water
- Bolids in the night sky
- All phases of the moon (automatic detection of the current phase of the moon)
- Customizable clouds
- Customizable water
- Parallax effect