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Version: 1.2   Size: 1.15M
Updated: 19.12.2016   Android: 2.3+

Would you ever dream to see the most dangerous and mysterious object in universe? This live wallpaper and Daydream(4.2+) makes this dream comes true! A quasar is a compact region surrounding a supermassive black hole and emitting enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy as mass from the core of a surrounding galaxy, under the influence of the black hole's gravity, falls onto its accretion disk. Create your own quasar using a big number of settings such as color of the core and jet, substance and ambient, rotational speed, angle of inclination etc. Behind the quasar you can see amazing nebula which is created dynamically. Thus, the environment will be always varied.

- HD quality
- Dynamically generated cosmic environment
- Various settings