Flying Above The Clouds
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Version: 1.3   Size: 14.6M
Updated: 28.08.2018   Android: 4.4+

Spread the wings and soar into the air like a bird

This 3D live wallpaper and Daydream will allow you to soar into the air like a bird and feel serenity by flying between the clouds. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset from a bird's eye view in real time. Dynamic change of day and night depends on the time on your device and your location. Choose an eagle or an airplane (Falcon-50) with contrail (inversion trail) and navigation lights as your satellite in flight. There are two types of flight. One of them is flight between and above the cumulus clouds and another one is flight in troposphere (above cirrus clouds). There are a lot of settings that will let you to configure this app as you wish. So, you can specify the strength of thunderstorm, flight speed, number of cumulus clouds. Tune cirrus clouds. Select any phase of the moon (waxing crescent, waning gibbous, full moon, new moon, etc) or allow the app to calculate the current phase of the moon automatically that depends on the device date.

- Atmospheric scattering effect
- Dynamic change of day & night in real time
- Ability to control the passage of time
- Meteor shower in the night sky
- All phases of the moon (automatic detection of the current phase of the moon)
- Customizable cirrus clouds
- Air objects: airplane (Falcon-50) with vapor trail & eagle
- Bi-directional parallax camera (Left-Right & Up-Down)