Ancient Low Relief
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Version: 1.0   Size: 15.7Mb
Updated: 21.09.2017   Android: 4.2+

This 3D live wallpaper and Daydream(4.2+) reveals the beauty of ancient bas-reliefs. Transform any picture(preset or custom) to a low relief 3D image with impressive lighting. Hundreds combinations of different parameters such as depth of embossing (relief), color and size of specular light, varying visual effects applied to the image, flickering of the light source and many others allow you to create unique artwork. Also, there are special display modes such as embedding a picture into a canvas (wall) that will expand chosen picture and give you a feeling that you look at rock carvings from Egypt, Greece, Macedonia, Rome, Assyria, Persia or other antique civilizations which possessed the art to transfer their being on a stone. In additional, you can specify one of the five light sources: static light, pendulum, flashlight of camera, managed point light or fireflies.

- Turn any image into 3D bas-relief to create your own masterpiece
- Apply visual effects to the image
- Different display modes
- Ability to apply fake or 3D convexity to the image
- 5 light sources