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Luxury 3D Android: 5.1 and up Price: $6.99
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Are you rich? Prove it!

If you are rich and have everything you wanted to get from life, or just want to show everyone that you have enough money, this exclusive app is for you! Buy one of the most expensive 3D live wallpaper on the market and prove that you are rich.

This luxury lwp shows a 3D world currency sign (or your own text) using a variety of stunning effects, such as reflection, glow, and shine.

You can choose one of the world famous 3D currency symbols, such as the US Dollar (USD), the Euro, the Pound Sterling, the Yuan (Yen), the United Arab Emirates Dirham, the Saudi Riyal, the Russian Ruble or the Bitcoin.

There are many settings that allow you to customize object color, light source, reflection, etc. In addition, you can choose an environment such as golden dust. It is also possible to select one of several object materials, for example: wood, burnt wood, dirty raw metal, raw metal, semi-processed metal, processed metal, polished metal with scratches, perfectly polished metal, nacre or iridescent color. Playing with the object materials and its color, you can get a precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum.

NOTE: If you would like to have a unique live wallpaper all over the world, you can order a 3D object based on your text (name). Each 3D model is created manually, so it may take some time.

For more information go to the LIVEWALLPAPERS tab or visit official app`s page on Google Play by pressing PURCHASE button.

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